• EGR Valve

    To improve NOx emission exhaust gas recirculation becomes a key measure.EGR systems work by adding exhaust gas back into the engine intake manifold. The turbocharger, a pneumatic or an electronic valve has to ensure the pressure difference between exhaust and inlet manifolds to drive the EGR is maintained.

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  • Sensor

    Sensor is a common and very important device, the device or apparatus which is felt to be a predetermined amount of the various measured according to certain rules to convert it to the desired signal. For sensors, according to the state of the input, the input volume can be divided into static and dynamic volume.

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  • Throttle body

    Throttle body is an important control part of automobile engine . In order to improve the car's power, stability and economy, and reduce emissions, the world's largest automobile manufacturer has introduced many kinds of good electronic throttle control characteristics and corresponding electronic control system, comprising the electronic throttle control system (ETCS).

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